Space Junk is Forever
uses vintage instruments to weave simple melodies, stirring harmonic language, and frequent key and meter changes into impressionistic, aptly titled tunes that 70’s prog lovers, mathy drummers, synthesizer geeks, and music theory nerds are all sure to enjoy. Deep grooves, varied instrumentations, and wild group improvisations further invite a broader audience.
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Raavi and the Houseplants
With earnest, narrative-driven lyrics and maddeningly keen sense of groove, Raavi & the Houseplants hold a smart balance between guitar-focused indie and left-of-center math rock. Between sweeping melodies and odd phrasings, the band takes delight in flipping simple ideas into diverse and dynamic textures. With a dedicated following, Raavi & the Houseplants are at their best toeing genre lines and constantly pushing the bill forward.
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Wheatus LIVE record from the 25th Anniversary Ruby Vroom tour in America, Spring 2019. 

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